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Bettina Brunner

Fine Art


Gallery of Paintings

I work in acrylics, crayon, marker and pencil. My paintings fall into these themes:

The Past is Unknowable

I've been thinking a lot about how unknowable the past is--a person's past, the earth's geologic history, the rise and fall of civilizations. This series is an exploration of these themes.


We are all victims of our uncontrollable feelings. Humans have made little progress in mastering them. This series explores beautiful and also difficult moments.


Earth and Nature

The magnificent earth is full of learnings. This series looks at migrations, plate tectonics and other strange and glorious processes.

his series explores beautiful and also difficult moments.

Check out my recent works by clicking on the thumbnail below. Contact me at if you have questions or are ready to purchase.

Bettina Brunner with abstract painting and dog Luna
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